All smallpipes are shipped tested and ready to play, case included. Bellows blown pipes include a cane chanter reed and larger case. Each smallpipe is made to order. When ordering please specify type of wood, mount material, and bag material (leather or synthetic). Available in the keys of ‘A’, ‘B-flat’, ‘C’ and ‘D.’

50% deposit required with order, all prices in Canadian Dollars.

3 Drone Bass, Baritone ('E'/'D'), Tenor), mouth blown, in the key of 'A' or 'D' $1,300
3 Drone Bellows blown, in the key of 'A' or 'D' $1,700
4 Drone 'A' / 'D' combo, bellows blown $2,100
Smallpipe Chanter Available in 'A', 'B flat' 'C', 'D' $360
Bellows $300
Cane Chanter Reed $50
Drone Reeds $80
Silver Mounts/ Aluminum Available plain or hand engraved Contact