Bagpipe Restoration

  • Fully restore/refinish old pipes to pristine playing condition.
  • Removal of old finish and applying new high gloss, oil or wax finish.
  • Removing “orange” from old mounts.
  • General cleaning and oiling of bores.

Bagpipe Repairs

  • Fix any cracks/splits ┬áin stocks, drones, or chanters. If it is beyond repair a new piece will be made to match.
  • Ream tuning chambers true.
  • Repair/line blowstick and stocks with brass or plastic.
  • Replace broken tuning pins.

Bagpipe Refit / Remount

Removal of old mounts and replace with your choice mounts. Metal ferrules, and slides are made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Sterling Silver, with engraving available as an extra. Other mount material consists of moose and other domestic or exotic woods. All mounts are threaded and glued in place.